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Big Tom’s Maple Syrup Supply’s history begins in the 1860’s when our family moved to the Lake Odessa area. They started making maple syrup on copper pans and had their arch on cut stone foundation. Some time later in the 1920s, my great grandfather heard about this family operation in which several sisters made maple syrup. He went to meet them and ended up marrying one of them! They also started making syrup in the Upper Peninsula in the 1940’s, which is where he started sharing his love of making maple syrup with my father Brian in the 1960s.

Dad bought our current farm in 1975 – my great grandfather saw maple trees on the farm and decided it was time to build a sugar bush on the property. They started out with 500 buckets, which has now grown to 700 buckets and 1300 taps on tubing. We just celebrated 40 years of making maple syrup on our farm. We thank God for our story and legacy that continues on.

In April of 2016, Larry and Karen Haigh owners of Haigh’s Maple Syrup and Supply, LLC presented to us the opportunity to continue their maple syrup supply business. We were excited to accept their offer and be able to start Big Tom’s Maple Syrup Supply, LLC. This has been a dream of ours for many years due to our passion for sugaring. We look forward to serving the community of maple syrup producers for generations to come.

​- Tom and Elizabeth Stuart, owners of Big Tom’s Maple Syrup Supply, LLC

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Join us for our FIRST ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE! JUNE 9th & 10th! Enjoy an ice cream social, several refreshments and different workshops. Click on the brochure link for more information. Click here to view Brochure​

Come on in for a cool and refreshing maple syrup root beer! We’re here to help with all things syrup and would love to chat with you.

We’ve have used BULK TANKS of all shapes and sizes that are in need of new homes. Pick out one that will fit your needs and help you produce quality product.

We have stacks of labels of all shapes and sizes for you to browse through. Stop on by and we’ll help you pick out one that will best represent your product.


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